The good and the bad

The good news is that the big white house on the corner is being transformed. Outside is spruced up, new windows are in, floors are sanded and polished, new plumbing and electrical is nearly done. Paint is dry, equipment is ready to be installed and parking lots are being created. We built the world’s smallest fireplace.

That’s the good bit.

The bad part is the kitchen is not yet ready. We have a classic economics dilemma at the moment where demand for talented tradespeople exceeds supply. So we are down to pleading and begging and promising a lifetime of gelato to get the kitchen finished up so we can finalize our menu and planning and get open.

We are hopeful that July is our month to get open. Really really hopeful. We are like a racehorse at the gate. The lead dog at the start of the Iditarod. The doors are closed and cross-check is nearly completed. We need to get this plane in the air.

It will happen friends. Stay close to us now.

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